Dexa’s strong commitment to developing new products, and its success in commercialising  them in domestic and international market ensures continuity of future growth.

• Strong commitment and  re-investment into R&D

• Over 2 hectares space  for state-of the-art R&D across Formulation  Herbal and Biological  Research

• Established research team with  expertise in drug discovery and  formulations, including specialized  formulations

• Strong track record in  the commercialization of internally  developed products

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Head Office Titan Center 3rd Floor, Jalan Boulevard Bintaro Block B7/B1 No. 05 , Bintaro Jaya Sektor 7 Tangerang 15224, Indonesia

Tel. (+62-21) 7454 111  |  Fax. (+62-21) 7454 111

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