Established in 1969, Dexa’s aim was to supply medicine. Triggered by the scarce supply of medicine, Drs. Rudy Soetikno Apt., a low profile young pharmacist who then served in the army, felt that with his educational background, he was called upon to do something about it. Together with a few friends, he started to produce simple tablets in a small pharmacy they jointly owned. This marked the beginning of Dexa.

The strong demand for medicine continued to rise. In 1975 Dexa products were available across the whole of Sumatra. Confident in its ability to deliver excellent quality in its products, Dexa then took a huge step to penetrate the Java market through Surabaya. This turned out to be a doorway to Dexa covering the Indonesian market. By 1978, Dexa products were distributed to all parts of Indonesia. In 1984 Dexa further strengthened its position as a nationwide player by strategically relocating its marketing office to Jakarta.


Since 1994, from year to year, Dexa’s domestic sales have grown steadily higher than the Indonesian pharmaceuticals industry. In 2001, PT Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals was established to provide additional production and marketing capacities in support of this high growth, and to anticipate the global competition.

Dexa is now solidifying its excellent management team and staying focused on its core business of producing and marketing quality pharmaceutical goods. Dexa intends to maintain its position as a nationally recognized market leader. In addition, Dexa is taking up the challenges to become a regional player and to achieve a respectable global presence.


Core Competencies & Values
The name Dexa is derived from the word "deca", which means 10 – the highest possible perfect number. This reflects the Company’s philosophy of excellence.

At Dexa, activities are focused around maximizing its 4 core competencies:

  • Resource Management the ability to mobilize resources to deliver the best possible products in the most efficient manner.

  • Innovation the ability and commitment to create an innovative culture where our people have the freedom to do what needs to be done to provide patients with better, distinctive and differentiated products. It is this ability that gives Dexa the edge over its competitors.

  • Strategic Alliances the ability to select and retain the right partners for synergy, which comes from being a partner of choice.

  • Change Management the ability to anticipate changes that will affect the business and the industry into the future, to strategize and to implement plans quickly, to take advantage of the coming changes through the know how Dexa has accumulated.


Basic Beliefs
At Dexa, each and every member of the team is expected to uphold and behave in line with the stated corporate values and basic beliefs:

  • Strive for excellence a commitment to provide the best possible added values to our internal and external customers while exercising prudence and emphasizing compliance at all times.

  • Act Professionally a demonstration of dedication to working smart and with professionalism emphasizing honesty and integrity.

  • Deal with Care a nurturing intent demonstrated by always seeking first to understand, by showing respect to each other, and making win-win decisions in all aspects of our business