Dharma Dexa is a forum for social activities carried out by Dexa Group. 


Dharma Dexa has a vision: be dedicated to achieving "Health for All". In the business, Dharma Dexa synergizes the forces in the group.
Based in Jakarta and Palembang, Dharma Dexa focus on improving health and enhancing human resources.

Dharma dexa program is divided into 3 main work programs, namely:

1. Improvement of Public Health
The field of improvement of community welfare activities has a goal: to build employee sensitivity and concern to improve self and community health. The activities targeted for employees and families of employees and general public.

2. Improvement Quality of Human Resources
The goal of this area is to improve the quality of human resources both internally and externally.

3. Community Development
The goal of this area is to form a community that is independent and through mentoring and training programs to achieve a good standard of living. Besides that, it is also to establish communication and maintain good relations with relations from external parties.