Dharma Dexa, Dexa Group's Corporate Social Integration (Responsibility)

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Dharma dexa is the principal division to integrate Dexa Group's numerous social initiatives.


It plays a pivotal role to ensure that Dexa Group remains a responsible and sustainable group of companies.


Additionally, Dharma dexa reinforces the central tenets of our corporate culture: dealing with care and promoting health for all

Key Programs

The group is working on many sustainable initiatives and that includes the following over arching programmes:


  • Striving to live the purpose "expertise for the promotion of health,"  Dexa Group uses its digital platforms to engage the public on issues of health, communicating responsible and accurate information about health and healthy living

  • The company uses its infrastructure to reach, support, service and educate communities

  • One big community is the motherhood, starting from pre pregnancy, enabling them to better understand and handle the entire journey of chidbirth. 

  • A similar initiative helps diabetics manage their lifestyle and communicate with their doctors and care givers.


  • It is our core belief that education is the key to a better life. We help educate individuals in order to reduce societal poverty and to impove sociaetal health standards, thereby making a big impact on the overall quality of life.

  • We offer pretigious merit-based scholarships for our employees' children, as well as financial awards and scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students. The group also offers students internship programs and science competitions, nurturing the excitement of learning.

To check our informal communication with our communities,

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