January, 22 2018

The year 2016 and 2017 is an exciting year for dharma dexa. This is because the implementation of many activities that provide benefits and joy for many people. It was all happened because of the support provided by the employees of Dexa Group and the volunteers who want to spend their time and energy in assisting the implementation of dharma dexa social activities.

The series of activities conducted by dharma dexa throughout 2017 has been summarized in a book called "JOURNEY 2017". The soft copy of this book (an e-book) can be accessed through the link at the end of this article or you may click the e-book image.

The soft copy of "JOURNEY 2017" is expected to be utilized as a socialization media of Dexa Group's corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs which can be used by the needed the parties. This book is also a proof that the spirit of "Deal with Care" continues to be realized by PT Dexa Medica through a program initiated by dharma dexa.

Please download the "JOURNEY 2017" e-book by clicking this link or by clicking the e-book image in this article. Corporate Communications Dexa Medica