• Director of Innovation and Scientific Development PT Dexa Medica,  Raymond R. Tjandrawinata, Ph.D., M.S., MBA wins  SINTA Awards 2018 for category "Penulis Artikel Ilmiah dengan Sinta Score Tertinggi Kategori Perguruan Tinggi Swasta" on Wednesday, July 4th 2018.

    SINTA Awards 2018 held by The Ministries Of Research, Technology, And Higher Education for an appreciation to writers, journal, and institutions who has a great performance on it. This awarded hope that the lecturers, scientist, management journal and institutions will more productive to create some publications, citations and its journal management.

    SINTA Awards consist for 3 categories; (1) award for institutions, (2) award for individual scientist, and (3) award for journal management, which has 20 sub-categories from the implementation of policies undertaken by stakeholders from universities and research and development institutions. This awarding is given for lecturer, scientist, institution, and journal manager who has achievements in the improvement of publications and scientific journals.
    SINTA awards was given directly by Director General of Science and Technology Science Dikti (SDID) Kemenristek-Dikti, Prof. dr Ali Ghufron Mukti M.Sc., Ph.D. at Kementrian Riset, Teknologi, dan Pendidikan Tinggi building Jakarta. This award also attended by Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Prof. H. Mohamad Nasir, Ph.D, Ak.

    "This is what will we do, teach more college student for educated science and technology better, so Indonesia will have a high technology and science" said Mr. Raymond. Corporate Communications Dexa Medica