• STIMUNO Syrup and STIMUNO Forte elected as Indonesia Most Recommended Brand 2014, in the kategori “Chilren Immunity Vitamin" and “Adult Immunity Vitamin” in the Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) 2014 event.

    The WOMM 2014 award was given by Vice of Editor in Chief SWA Magazine, Sujatmaka to General Manager Customer Health Dexa, Andrew Sulistya (STIMUNO Syrup), and Head of Commercial CHD, Utari Widowaty (STIMUNO Forte) in the Intercontinental Ballrom, Mid Plaza Hotel, Jakarta, Monday, June 23, 2014.

    In the WOMM 2014 survey, STIMUNO Syrup achieved the highest point compared to other brands in the "Children Immunity Vitamin" category with 260.49 index point. This is higher than 2013 which only achieved 240,34 index point. While STIMUNO Forte in the "Adult Immunity Vitamin" achieved 281,22 which higher than 2013 that only reached 208,93 index point.

    Stimuno is an immunomodulator which is made from meniran (Phyllantus niruri) extracts. Stimuno is one of five herbal medicines in Indonesia to have obtained fitofarmaka certificates. Stimuno also has been exported and sold in several countries in Asia, such as Cambodia and Vietnam. Corporate communications