• Having previously scored a 'hat trick' as Top Brand for Kids in 2010, 2011 and 2012, now Stimuno once again scored a brilliant achievement but in a different area. For the fourth time, Stimuno won the Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) Award for Children's immunity system.

    This fourth award was handed over on Thursday, May 31st, 2012 at Hotel Grand Melia, Kuningan, Central Jakarta, and received by the Group Brand Manager OTCdexa, Stephen Adhitia Budhi. "For the umpteenth time we should be thankful and grateful for the trust from our consumers in Stimuno," he said.

    WOMM awards itself have been held annually since 2009. The award is given based on survey results from Onbee Marketing Research, Buzz & Co and Sembada Swa Magazine, based on 3000 respondents aged 15 - 55 years who are randomly selected in major cities throughout Indonesia.

    The ranking is based on the accomplishment of WOMI (Word of Mouth Impression) which is calculated on an average value for three dimensions, such as Talking (how the products are being discussed by the consumer), Promoting (how consumer promotes the brand), and Selling (how consumer wants to sell the brand). Another aspect of assessment factor is the Social Networking.

    According to the CEO of Buzz & Co, Sumardi, consumers have more confidence in buying a product because of the recommendation from people close to them like friends or family. "No matter how well and how much you advertise, most customers are still waiting for recommendations from others before deciding to buy a particular product," he said. Corporate Communications