• Folamil Genio was chosen as the ‘Most Favourite Vitamin & Supplements for Expectant Mothers’ by ‘Mother & Baby Magazine’ based on a survey conducted by the magazine. ‘Mother & Baby Reader's Choice Award’ is an appreciation from the readers to their most favourite mother and child’s products. ‘Mother & Baby Reader’s Choice Award’ was held to celebrate the fifth anniversary of ‘Mother & Baby Magazine’, with Family’s Days - Out themes.

    Also attending were the celebrity couples who announced the winners of each category, such as DJ Riri and wife, Ivy Batuta & husband, Sigi Wimala & husband, and many other artists who enlivened the event. The winners of the ‘Mother & Baby Reader's Choice Award’ are chosen by readers from the best products and places for the needs of pregnant women, nursing mothers, infants, and toddlers.

    The winner of these awards comes from the result of questionnaires sent in by Mother & Baby Magazine’s loyal readers. The questionnaire consists of 12 categories with 73 open questions for product types and brands selected. Polling results are processed by an independent data processor institution. ‘Mother & Baby Reader’s Choice Award’ was presented by the artist couple, Nirina Zubir and Ernest Cokelat in Kartika Expo-Balai Kartini, Jakarta and received by the Product Manager of Folamil Genio, Handyono.

    "It's certainly an achievement for Folamil Genio to be chosen as the ‘Most Favourite Vitamin & Supplements for Expectant Mothers’. This means, Folamil Genio is trusted by pregnant mothers, " said Handyono after receiveing the award on Saturday, October 1st 2011.Corporate Communications