• VITAFEM and STIMUNO were awarded 'Mom's Choice Brand Awards 2011' in the category Multivitamins for Women and Immunomodulator from Kartini Magazine. The awards were presented to coincide with the commemoration of Kartini’s Day, April 21, 2011, at Senayan City, South Jakarta.

    These awards were obtained based on the results of a survey which conducted by the Women Insight Center (WIC) in seven major cities in Indonesia, in February 2011 then. Women Survey was conducted by multistage random sampling method, house to house, face to face by using a structured questionnaire to 1600 women respondents with social economic status A, B, and C. The purpose of the survey to find out the most brand consumers selected women aged 17-55 years from various product categories.

    Head of Business OTC PT Dexa Medica, Utari Widowati feel grateful for this award. "We thank to the Indonesian people especially women who have been entrusted VITAFEM as Multivitamins for Women and STIMUNO as an Immunomodulator for children. This award will be a motivation for the OTC Dexa Medica team to provide quality products to consumers in Indonesia," Utari said after accepting the award.

    Women Insight Center (WIC) is a Marketing Research Consultant who organized the Women Survey for the first time in Indonesia and will become an annual routine event. This research is to measure the value of a brand by describing the elements that are decisive for Indonesian women.

    According to some research, women are a small market niche is a myth. The truth, more than 80 percent of all brand purchases are made by women. Consumer behavior expert, Prof. Dr. Ir. Ujang Sumarwan, M. Sc, also agrees that women are the biggest consumer market. The women are very important role of in the household and the workplace. "As many as 83 percent of household purchasing decisions of consumers, ranging from breakfast through to large items such as cars, computers and so forth are in the hands of a woman," explained Prof. Ujang.

    He also said that the marketing program focuses on women, according to research Myers in 2006, also used by men. This phenomenon is further confirmed that the target market of women is a strategic choice. Corporate Communications