• STIMUNO re-elected as Top Brand for Kids 2011, for the category of Child Immunity System. The award is given on Wednesday evening, 27 April 2011 at Hotel Mulia Jakarta by the Chairman of Frontier Consulting Group, Handi Irawan D, accompanied by the Chief Editor of Marketing Magazine, PJ. Rahmat Susanta.

    Earlier on April 28, 2010, STIMUNO also selected as the Top Brand for Kids 2010, the category of Child Immunity System. This award, of course has established itself as a brand positioning STIMUNO superior to Child Immunity System category.

    In 2011, for the first time in survey coverage was expanded to teen segment, with a survey which was named Top Brand for Teens. One aim is to observe the behavior of this segment in making a purchase, where the teenager is a time of transition from child to adult. And as the primary markets who are buying themselves vary with time still a child, it is certain its market value will be greater than the market segment for the children.

    The award is given to STIMUNO, last night handed over to, Head of Business OTC Dexa Medica, Utari Widowati together a number of award recipients from other companies. Top Brand for Kids and for Teens Top Brand Award is given to brands in certain product categories that meet two criteria, namely: 1. Brands that get Top Brand Index (TBI) a minimum of 10%. 2. Brands that according to the survey results are in the top three in the category of products.

    Immune System for Children category, according to survey results on the panel Mrs., brand STIMUNO get the highest TBI rate that is equal to 60.6%. The survey was conducted in two major cities in Jakarta and Surabaya with a sample of 1,100 respondents to the survey kids are divided into two panels of respondents, ie respondents kids (500) and respondent mothers (600). Corporate Communications