• This year, OGBdexa once again achieved the Elshinta Award for “The Loyal Add” category. This award ceremony was organized by Elshinta Media group (EMG) and took place in the Kirana Hall of the Kartika Chandra Hotel in Central Jakarta on Tuesday November 29, 2011.

    The award was presented by GA Elshinta Group Director, Anang Sulaiman, to the Associate Product Manager of OGBdexa, Oscar Ciputra. "This award is given on the basis of loyalty to clients who have trusted Elshinta Magazine as partners in providing product information," said Anang.

    Last year, OGBdexa also received the same award. OGBdexa with Elshinta Media Group has a long established partnership. Prior to the Elshinta Magazine, OGBdexa has been educating people through Elshinta Radio. This also goes hand in hand with the mission to continually educate all the people of Indonesia about Obat Generik Berlogo (OGB) and one way is through the medium of the radio.

    During this event, OGBdexa held a blood and cholesterol check-up for free. OGBdexa team also shared the information from OGB using their booth which was provided by the organizers. Corporate Communications