• STIMUNO is once again chosen as the Most Recommended Brands in the Kids Immunity System category ( Word of Mouth Marketing-WOMM 2010 survey). This is the second time STIMUNO achieved the Most Recommended Brands predicate. In 2009, STIMUNO received the same award from the same institution. This means STIMUNO is able to maintain its accomplishment as the immunity system product for kids that recommended by many consumers.

    SWA Magazine, edition No. 10 (12-25 Mei 2010) raised the Main Topic with the theme Survei Word of Mouth Survei Word of Mouth Marketing 2010 – 90 Most Recommended Brands. It reviews that people recommendation has a significant impact for the buying process. Especially when the recommendation came from a familiar person. It would be the success key for WOMM.

    In Indonesia, the WOMM effects could be greater since Indonesian really enjoy a verbal communication. WOMM became the measuring instrument on how significant the verbal communication could impact selling.

    The survey was conducted to respondents in Jabodetabek, and five major cities in Indonesia (Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, Makassar, and Denpasar). he survey was conducted by measuring the four main variables: talking (the extent to which the brand is discussed by consumers), promoting (the extent to which the brand is promoted by the consumer), selling (the extent to which the brand is sold/recommended by the consumer) and social network (social network owned by the consumer). Corporate Communications